Contact Lenses

Occasionally, contact lenses if improperly fitted or used, can result in serious complications. Professional guidance identifying the appropriate contact lenses material and fitting is paramount in ensuring safety. Dr. Abrams specializes in fitting the most current advances in contact lenses technology. He has extensive experience in fitting daily disposables, astigmatic, bifocal and gas permeable contact lenses designs.


We always take great care with contact lenses to ensure you get the right prescription and fit for the best comfort and excellent vision.


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How To Get Prescription Contact Lens


Do you find yourself with an expired contact lens? Or are those recurrent glasses breaking quite often? If you have any of these problems and need an expert opinion on getting contact lenses in Woodbridge Vaughn, here are the different things you need to know;


Gather All Necessary Information


The major problem with a visit to the doctor is the inability for patients to express themselves or say the absolute truth. If possible get previous prescriptions and tests result, in order to aid the doctor to understand the problem with the eye completely and give a right diagnosis and good contact lens.


The Nearest Ophthalmologist


The trouble with the eye is quite sensitive. Once it begins and your glasses or previous lenses are expired, there is an absolute need for a patient to see an Ophthalmologist.


Dr. Brian Abrams provides quality eye care and accurate diagnosis and preparing the most suitable contact lens for patients visiting the clinic. Open Mondays to Fridays within the hours of 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2 pm, a visit to Dr. Abrams will cause rectify your retinal problems.


Acquiring prescribed contact lenses should no longer be a difficulty as a well-rendered service is ensured.


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