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Prescription Lenses

There are so many lens options today to allow for a perfect lens for every situation. Choosing the right lenses is the most important decision in seeking eyewear.


Our comprehensive eye exam will identify your individual visual needs based on your occupation and lifestyle. We will recommend the most suitable prescription lens design and coating to ensure you see clearly and comfortably; we call this "lifestyle prescribing".


Choosing Health With Prescription Lenses


Prescription Lenses woodbridge

Many individuals do not receive an adequate prescription and send previous prescription and eye test results to online stores for fashionable glasses or contact lenses. There is a great danger when individuals do not use proper prescription lenses. Usually, prescription lenses are built to assist the sight and improve the eyes. Certain sensitive materials which could harm the health of a person's eye are known to be frequently found in store-bought contact lenses and unlicensed online stores. Side effects from unprescribed lenses could cause scratches on the cornea, corneal infection, conjunctivitis, decreased vision or blindness according to the FDA.


Avoid serious eye damage and go for prescription lenses provided according to health standards by Dr. Brian Abrams. The clinic gives a prescription according to ran tests and thorough friendly consultation session with doctors. Come in any day of the week from Monday to Saturday, a doctor is ready to attend to optic needs of different patients of any age, gender or race.


Careful care must be given to the eyes in order to keep sight at 100 percent. Choosing health with prescription lenses is the best option for healthy sight.


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