Some suggestions for people who suffer from Dry Eye.

I can be at the grocery store, my kids school, a family gathering and the list goes on and someone will find their way over to me to ask about their “dry eye”. It’s a problem that many people suffer from.

So what is dry eye?

A dry eye occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide adequate moisture for your eye.

Dry eye feel uncomfortable. It may sting or burn. Dry eye can be constant or happen in certain situations ie. on an airplane, in an air-conditioned room, while out doors, or spending a lot of time reading or on a computer.

Treatment for dry eye may make you more comfortable. Treatments can include lifestyle changes, eyedrops and/or some suggestions from the JPost Article. For more-serious cases of dry eyes, surgery may be an option.

The sun is out-protect your eyes from the wind which can cause dry eye. Wear your sunglasses (an extra bonus is that you will also be protecting your eyes from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Dr. Brian Abrams

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