Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of sitting in the park or hitting the beach without our sunscreen. But how many of us realise the importance of protecting our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun?

Eyes are as vulnerable from permanent sun damage as any other part of the body and recent research has shown that prolonged exposure to Ultra Violet rays can lead to increased risk of cataracts – the world’s leading cause of blindness – later in life.

If you simply wear sunglasses every time you go outside you can minimise the risks to your eyes. Children are especially at risk from strong sunlight. Children & adults skin can burn but children’s eyes are more delicate than adults with clearer, softer lenses which are more prone to damage. Encouraged your children to wear sunglasses from an early age.

Most people think about sunglasses in the summer. It’s important to remember them in all bright conditions, such as ski-ing and sailing as reflected light – from snow or water – can substantially increase the amount of UV light coming into the eye.

How to choose the right pair of sunglasses?

1) Choose a pair that cover the entire eye area including eye-lids and that are close-fitting. This will prevent UV rays from filtering in from around the top and sides.
2) It’s a good idea to choose wrap around styles if you will be wearing your glasses outdoors a lot, such as for gardening or walking.
3) Dark-coloured lenses don’t necessarily provide better protection than lighter coloured lenses. The UV filtering comes from a film incorporated into the lens not through the actual colour of the lenses.
4) Make sure that you ask to try the glasses in natural day-light.This will give you a true feeling for the vision you’ll gain outside and the depth of shade provided by the lenses you are choosing.
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