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A full service optometric clinic is for the entire family

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Many of us don’t give enough attention to personal eye care. It’s a mistake, because our eyes and eyesight are just as important to general health as the rest of our body. And when it comes to the family, it’s an absolute necessity to “keep an eye” on any relevant symptoms and signs, before they develop into serious issues. It’s simply a matter of taking personal responsibility.

A full service optometric clinic, particularly one that can cater to the entire family, is an ideal way to keep on top of eye health. And the annual examination is an excellent start. The annual exam addresses the most common of vision problems, but will also addresses any signs and symptoms that may signal an issue that requires closer attention or additional consideration.

A good optometric clinic will be focused on early detection. This is vital for accurate assessment, early diagnosis, and effective treatment. Here, the whole idea is to be safe, rather than sorry. In fact, many diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, actually have early signs and symptoms. And in these cases, early detection would be critical for effective treatment.

While a good optometrist can guide the way for the family, the ultimate responsibility is with each patient. To begin with, it’s important to be familiar with family eye health history. As well, a good diet will contribute to good eye health. And, of course, keeping weight at a healthy level is also preferable. Most importantly, smokers should give up the habit as soon as it’s possible.

Every optometrist promotes eye protection. For those engaged in sports, protective eyewear is a given. For those doing repairs on the house, again, protective eyewear. And for protection from the sun, sunglasses are essential. Sunglasses can block almost 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays – and it’s recommended throughout the year, if not specifically during the summer months.

A full service optometric clinic can also serve the needs of aging adults, whether it’s at 45 or 65. These are the times when eyeglasses become more and more necessary – for driving, for reading, even for working at the computer. And the experienced optometrist is the one who can monitor eyesight changes as they develop. Accordingly, prescription eyeglasses can be recommended.

For many in the over-50 category, age related vision problems are alleviated with eyeglasses, medications, or surgery (where necessary). But unfortunately, this age group also presents with more serious eye issues, like cataracts and glaucoma. Here again, the optometrist committed to early detection can diagnose, treat, and correct before these issues deteriorate.

Probably most important with eyes is the emergency situation. Here, it’s absolutely necessary to get immediate attention, including a quick, accurate assessment. In these types of situations, the optometrist is integral, especially in terms of coordinating and managing an action plan. Whether it’s something foreign in the eye, or an allergic eye reaction, urgent care is crucial.

Your full service optometric clinic will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for all examinations and diagnoses to be handled in one clinic. And with a credible team of eye care professionals on hand, every patient can feel assured of the best possible service.

Written by Brian Abrams

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