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Finding the Right Optometrist in Vaughan

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Dr. Brian Abrams is a licensed Optometrist in Vaughan, offering a wide range of eye-care services for patients in Woodbridge and throughout York Region. As a Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Abrams examines, diagnoses, and treats a variety of eye disorders, as well as the overall vision system.

The eye clinic emphasizes early detection, so that common vision problems can be identified, and special attention can be offered when abnormal symptoms arise. Dr. Abrams may also prescribe drugs when required, along with comprehensive medical eye examinations for the entire family.

Patients in Vaughan and Woodbridge can depend on Dr. Abrams for complete family care – with everything from contact lens fitting, to laser vision correction, to emergency eye care. The clinic also offers a huge selection of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses (with over 1000 in stock).

Eye Exams with Dr. Brian Abrams – Optometrist in Vaughan

Vision changes occur in everyone’s eyes as time goes by. It’s therefore important to have the eyes checked on a regular basis. Simply put, eye exams are just as important as physical exams. Young or old, early detection and diagnosis of vision issues is essential to any proactive treatment.

Many eye-related ailments (such as macular degeneration and glaucoma) rely on early detection of symptoms for successful outcomes. Dr. Abrams combines modern technology with many years of practical experience in providing professional eye-care for patients in and around Vaughan.

Contact lens assessments and fittings for the entire family

As an Optometrist in Vaughan, Dr. Abrams assesses each patient’s suitability for wearing contact lenses. The fact is, contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. However, new developments and advanced materials can provide various options. Contact lenses are more accessible than ever.

Dr. Abrams and his team take the time to thoroughly explain the pros and cons of contact lenses.  Recommendations are made based on eye exam results and personal lifestyle. The key, of course, is to ensure long-term comfort and a proper fit (trial lenses are available for a period of time).

Dr. Abrams offers a range of emergency eye-care services

Whether it’s an accident or an unfortunate mishap, emergency eye care may be required at some point. Sudden loss of vision, for any reason, is certainly a sign that emergency care is needed. This is exactly when early evaluation and diagnosis is critical – the best outcomes will depend on it.

In general, the very best option for severe eye trauma is the Emergency Room at the local hospital. And while not every case requires the ER, eye issues should be addressed immediately. Dr. Abrams can attend to such things as light flashes; floating objects; and unusual discharge.

For a trusted Optometrist in Vaughan, count on Dr. Abrams

For patients who are looking for a trusted Optometrist in Vaughan, Dr. Abrams’ eye clinic can provide it all:  annual eye examinations; contact lens assessments: and emergency eye care. But what’s most important for every patient is to practice responsible eye care, day to day. As well, when unusual signs and symptoms appear, it’s crucial to seek professional medical attention.

Written by Brian Abrams

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