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How to Know if You’re Dealing with an Emergency Eye Infection

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Eye infections are more common than many people realize. Studies show that in North America there are over 1 million annual visits to eye doctors for infection-related eye care, and approximately 1 in every 8 children will have some form of infection in their eye. While they can range in severity, infection around the eye should always be treated with urgency. If you’re unsure about whether you’re dealing with an infection or irritation, it’s best to reach out to an eye doctor near Vaughan for an eye exam. With Dr. Brian Abrams and our professional medical professionals, you can count on for reliable and thorough emergency eye care.

To learn how to recognize the signs of an eye infection, read on. 

Signs of An Eye Infection

The most common type of eye infection is Conjunctivitis, which is commonly referred to as “Pink Eye”. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or swelling of a thin membrane layer that lines the internal eyelid and eyeball. Conjunctivitis is a frequently occurring symptom of infections, but it can be the result of allergies and other irritation, so it’s important to be aware of other symptoms, which can include light sensitivity, discharge from the eye, sores on the iris, fever, vision changes (blurry or reduced vision), and the persistent feeling that something in the eye (also known as a “foreign body sensation”). If you or someone in your care has been experiencing one or more of these symptoms in combination, set up an eye exam with an eye doctor near you. After inspection and assessment, Dr. Brian Abrams, a leading eye doctor in Vaughan, will guide you through next steps to restore health to your eyes. 

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When Are Eye Infections an Emergency?

While conjunctivitis is quite common, some people will revert to home care regimen including over-the-counter eye drops and pain medications. While this can be helpful in less serious cases, this is not likely to have the desired effect when treating severe eye conditions. Emergency eye care is vital when you’ve experienced changes in your vision as a result of an infection or changes to the appearance of your iris (the coloured part of the eye). If you notice consistent discharge, painful eye movement, or changes in how your pupils respond to light, contact your eye doctor immediately. 

Causes of Eye Infections

Understanding the cause of an eye infection is an effective way to determine the extent and severity of an infection. Infections in the eye are typically the result of a foreign body coming into contact with some part of the eye, this could be a chemical splash, use of expired mascara, or even a finger touching the eye directly. In general, infections tend to be more common in people who wear contacts, as opposed to those who wear glasses or no corrective lenses at all. If you wear contact lenses and notice the signs of infection carefully remove them, switch to glasses instead, and call Dr. Brian Abrams. 

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Your eyes are an important part of your body, don’t take them for granted. If you suspect that you may be affected by an infection or there may be another issue with your eyes, contact Dr. Brian Abrams, a trusted optometrist serving Vaughan. 

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Written by Brian Abrams

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