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Maintaining Vision – A Most Precious Gift

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Many of us take time to insure our health remains at an optimal level. We maintain a regular exercise program, buy locally produced food, and shop at health stores. We visit doctors when we are ill and go for an annual exam for a complete check up. Yet for many maintaining healthy vision is different. We put off eye problems we are having or don’t visit eye specialists on a regular basis. Eye care visits are an important part of maintaining good eye sight and health. Can you imagine life without being able to see? Can you imagine how difficult it would be to wake up every morning not being able to see your loved ones? Can you imagine how much more difficult it would be to support your family and to care for them?  How about what it would be like not being able to see a movie or a play. That is why we at Dr. Abrams eye clinic believe you should take care of eye problems quickly.  We also believe that regular check ups with eye care experts should be an essential part of your health.  We at Dr. Abrams Eye Care clinic offer a wide variety of services with direct links to specialists and surgeons.  Maintaining our eyesight is just as important as maintaining our hearts, keeping our weight down or visiting other medical specialists.

First we offer excellent emergency eye care. If you have problems such as blurred vision, headaches, see spots, eye pain, reading difficulties, and so on, come and see us. No problem is too small. In our comfortable and warm environment you will be treated with care and respect as well as be given the most up to date care.

Also take the time to book an appointment for a regular eye exam.  As well, book a time for your spouse and children. An eye exam can often uncover vision problems that can be corrected by corrective lenses, eye drops, or, if needed, surgery. Seemingly unrelated situations, such as learning difficulties or headaches, may be the result of minor vision problems.

Eye vision visits are essential to those with diabetes.  Diabetics often visit their regular doctor every few months to check their sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to prevent complications that stem from their disease. It is also important for them to visit an eye care specialist to ensure their diabetes does not lead to eyesight complications. Dr. Abrams and his eye care clinic are committed to detecting complications in the eyes due to diabetes.  We check the retina for damaged blood vessels as a result of high glucose buildup. We check for the early development of cataracts due to high glucose build up and check for high eye pressure that can lead to glaucoma.

At Dr. Abram’s eye care clinic we are also concerned about seniors. Aging can lead to symptoms such as driving difficulties, clumsiness, poor balance, and sensitivity to bright lights. These symptoms can be the result of correctable vision problems that will not only enhance the quality of life but could also include saving their eyesight.

We hope the reasons for visiting Dr. Abrams speak for themselves. Book an appointment at Dr. Abrams eyecare clinic today. The gift of sight is something that must be preserved. And with our experience and up to date treatments we are committed to doing just that.

Written by Brian Abrams

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