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Preventative Eye Care

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Our vision is a gift to be treasured, essential to our well being and to our enjoyment of life. That is why it is important to take care of our eyes.

Vision problems can be responsible for many things as reading problems, headaches, and other health issues. Sometimes theses issues can be solved simply with corrective lenses. Other times a visit to an optometrist can lead to early detection of more serious eye diseases as glaucoma, that if caught early can be treated with eye drops. 

We often hear how important it is to take care of our own health and to advocate for ourselves. We have learned how important it is to go to a doctor when we feel something is wrong,  to follow up on existing conditions, and to keep those yearly appointments.  Medical appointments are significant in maintaining good health and in providing preventative care.

We have all heard how important preventative care is; whether to learn,  the need to go on a weight loss program, to prevent diabetes, or to floss every night to forestall  gum disease. The question is how many of us practice prevention when it comes to our precious gift of sight. Certainly we visit an eye care professional when we are having sight problems, itchy eyes,  seeing spots, etc. But there are also problems which may have no immediate symptoms. Glaucoma if left untreated can result in dire consequences. Retinas, so vital, may be torn. Cornea problems could be detected. These are just some examples. 

Preventative eye care can be very affordable.  OHIP covers one eye exam a year  for children up to age 19 and all seniors 65 and older. Further some private plans cover visits. Adults age 20 to 65 are covered if present with  a certain medical condition

Preventative eye care is available to all ages at our optometric Clinic in Vaughn. We have been operating under the leadership of our Optometrist Dr. Abrams for many years, since 1994. He has been involved with the clinic for many years. In addition to being very experienced his education has been and continues to be exemplary. He graduated from University of Western Ontario and then attended Illinois State College, recognized as one of the worlds leading institutions of eye study. As well Dr. Abrams constantly keeps up to date with new new advances in eye care to give you the most up-to-date treatments.  He diagnoses with the most technologically advanced equipment that leads to the early detection and treatment of eye disease. . Further Dr. Abams works with many of the best specialists and eye surgeons, referring patients or corneal, cataract, or retinal surgery. He also refers for other ocular disorders or diseases. 

Preventative eye care is very important. Ask anyone whose vision has been made worse because the condition was not caught in time.  In a very caring and comfortable atmosphere, at flexible hours, Dr. Abrams and his staff offer top notch and up to date vision services.

Written by Brian Abrams

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