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Signs of a Pediatric Emergency Eye Infection

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Eye infections are a widespread issue among young children, especially school-age children, where bacteria and viruses spread at even faster rates. Studies show that approximately 1 in 8 children will have an eye infection year after year. While in some cases, the body’s natural defences are equipped with the tools to fight off infections, the eyes demand extra care and attention, so it’s helpful to always have them checked by a trusted eye doctor in Vaughan who offers both pediatric and emergency eye care. 

Because kids have a tendency to get sick more often than adults, it helps to know the signs of an eye infection. By learning the symptoms and signs of infections around the eye, you can act fast in the case of an emergency by contacting Dr. Brian Abrams, a leading optometrist in Vaughan, for a kid’s eye exam. 

How to Spot an Eye Infection

Signs of a pediatric emergency eye infection

One of the most common signs of an eye infection, especially in younger children, is conjunctivitis or “pink eye.” Eye infections typically cause redness and irritation to the eye, as well as watering, itching, swelling, and general pain. When the whites of the eyes and inner eyelid become inflamed as a result of an infection, it can typically lead to white discharge. For more insight into the severity of an eye infection, our specialists and optometrists in Vaughan recommend scheduling an eye exam for kids. This will allow your eye doctor to take a closer look into the cause and effect of the infection. Based on the eye exam and the diagnosis, Dr. Brian Abrams will provide a tailored course of treatment that promotes a fast and healthy recovery.

Signs Your Kid’s Infection Is An Emergency 

Some eye infections are inevitable and will resolve quickly on their own. Sometimes, infections of or around the eye require more serious attention. 

A Wound Near the Eye

If your child is struggling with an eye infection and has recently had a cut or scratch near the affected eye, it’s crucial that you visit an experienced eye doctor in Vaughan to take a closer look. When the skin is broken, bacteria trigger potentially harmful infections that may require medication to treat effectively. 

Changes in Visions

Most common eye infections won’t be accompanied by changes to vision. If your child is complaining of changes in their eyesight, you’ve noticed an onset of clumsiness, or you’ve picked up on anything or indications that they’re struggling to see the same in combination with an eye infection, book a visit with your eye doctor. Dr. Brian Abrams will help you detect the underlying cause of the vision changes while also treating the infection. 

Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light, or photophobia, in children with an eye infection, is an important symptom to watch out for. It occurs due to inflammation, increased tear production, and potential corneal involvement, causing discomfort and a preference for dimmer surroundings. While it may not be alarming, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and treatment to ensure the child’s eye health and comfort are restored promptly.

A Leading Eye Doctor in Vaughan for Kids

Your child’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us, and we understand how scary eye infections can be. Dr. Brian Abrams and our team are dedicated. For regular kid’s eye exams or emergency eye care, visit a trusted local optometrist in Vaughan. To book a consultation or appointment, contact our team directly. 

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Written by Brian Abrams

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