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Suffering from Digital Eye Strain?

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Have you been staring non-stop at your screen? Are you working long hours on your computer or frequently reading books on your tablet? Or, have you been playing video games frequently? Many parts of our day revolve around technology, and it is straining our eyes. Most people have wondered how to overcome the slight eye pain known as digital eye strain. In fact, up to 68% of millennials and 63% of Gen Xers experience digital eye strain as a result of growing use of devices. While we understand the importance of technology in your life, we would also work to ensure that you’re protecting your eye health. This is why we’re providing you with important information on digital eye strain in this article.

Digital eye strain is defined as the discomfort that 2 or more hours in front of digital screens can cause. It is associated with continuous close to mid-range interactions with digital screens, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Naturally, an individual would blink about 18 times a minute on average. However, staring at the screen for a significant amount of time typically leads to a decreased amount of blinking, and can therefore reduce the production of tears and moisture for the eye. Furthermore, concentrating on a bright screen with small writing could also result in blurred visions and strained eye muscles.

Since many people spend up to 9 hours on the screen on average, it is no wonder that this could lead to potential eye problems. Digital eye strain could result in a collection of eye problems with symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision, eyestrain, pink eyes, light sensitivity, and headaches. Depending on your symptoms, there are many ways to overcome your digital eye strain. The simplest remedy would be to take frequent breaks from staring at your digital screen. It is recommended to take at least four 5-minute “mini-breaks” in addition to two 15-minute breaks throughout your work day; these breaks would allow you to rest your eyes and improve your focus.

Other home remedies include improving the lighting at your workstation to reduce excessive bright light from sunlight or from harsh interior lighting. Installing a blind or eliminating exterior light could help your conditions a lot. It was recently found that blue light reflected by digital screens is harmful for your eyes, as it could reach deeper into the eye and eventually cause damage to the retina. Thus, minimizing glare from your screen by using anti-glare screen, adjusting your display, or by wearing anti-reflective (AR) coating glasses could also allow your eye muscles to relax more. Lastly, simple eye exercises like blinking and looking far for 10-15 seconds every hour from your screen could also help your eyes relax and adjust.

If your symptoms still persist after a week, it is best to visit an optometrist to get an eye check-up and a solution for your symptoms. We believe that your eyes are vital and should only be treated with the best-suited treatments for your conditions. If you have any questions regarding digital eye strain, please feel free to consult or book a treatment appointment by calling us at (905) 850 2400, or by emailing us at

Written by Brian Abrams

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