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The best optometrist is the optometrist you choose

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In Ontario, the Doctor of Optometry assesses, diagnoses and treats eye diseases and disorders. It’s therefore vital to choose an optometrist that will best suit your needs. Today, optometrists make use of high-tech equipment and computerized instruments to accurately assess eye health and diagnose potential problems. With their in-depth experience and expertise, optometrists decide on the specific testing protocols, and assign appropriate treatment plans for each patient.

In Woodbridge, Dr. Brian Abrams offers optometric services for the whole family. It all starts with an annual eye examination, which the Association of Optometrists recommends for patients of all ages. In some cases, more regular visits might be required, depending on the patient’s medical condition. For example, those who are suffering from diseases like diabetes or glaucoma will quite naturally require more monitoring, more treatment, and more frequent office visits. 

Doctors of Optometry are covered by OHIP (Ontario Ministry of Health) for eye exams, based on patient age: children under the age of 19 are provided with full coverage for one eye exam per year – seniors 65 years and older are entitled to the same coverage – and adults from 20 to 64 are covered based on their specific medical condition. When it comes to private practice fees, each optometrist charges according to patient, and based on the particular medical service provided.

In the Woodbridge region, Dr. Brian Abrams offers a wide range of optometric services with his staff of highly trained professionals: general eye care for children, adults, and seniors; treatment of various eye disorders; prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses; and emergency care when required. As well, the fully stocked Optical Boutique offers a wide variety of frames, lenses and contacts. It’s designed to be a one-stop shopping experience, with everything under one roof.

Shopping for prescription eyewear requires care and attention, and with professional guidance from an optometrist, the process is bound to be rewarding. Choosing prescription eyewear is not just about choosing fancy frames – in fact, it’s more about choosing the right lens and coating for the individual. Dr. Brian Abrams and his team will ensure that the corrective lenses do the job, allowing the patient to see clearly while feeling comfortable and stress-free with the new glasses.

At the Optical Boutique, there are countless frames to choose from. Patients can select eyewear from some of the top designers in the world, like Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Fendi. And all of the frames are offered with a one-year unlimited warranty. For contact lenses, Dr. Brian Abrams assesses patient suitability, because not every patient is suited for contacts. This is a process that requires careful attention, since perfect fit and ultimate comfort are essential for the long-term.

For Dr. Brian Abrams and the team, nothing is more important than patient health. The focus is always on early detection, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment. And because so many eye diseases have early warning signs and symptoms, it’s the early detection that sets the stage for appropriate and effective treatment.

Written by Brian Abrams

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