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Tips For Buying New Eyeglasses

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Are you looking to buy new eyeglasses? Is this your first time buying a pair? When choosing a new pair of eyeglasses, the pair you go home with truly depends on three factors. First, your face shape. Second, the colour of your frames, and third, your prescription. Read on for the best tips on deciding which eyeglasses are right for you.

First, decide what type of shape your face is. The most common face shapes are: oval, circular, triangular, rectangular, square, diamond and heart shaped. You can also have a combination face between these shapes, but narrowing down on the design of your face will help you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses. Knowing your face shape when buying new eyeglasses is important because you do not want eyeglasses that are too large for your face or too overpowering. You want your eyeglasses to frame your face, which means it they should be within the scale of your face shape, and knowing what your face shape is will most definitely help you out when choosing your next pair of eyeglasses.

Our second tip for buying new eyeglasses is to figure out which colour frame will best suite you. Although you can buy any colour frame you wish, some of the more popular colours that compliment your skin tone, hair and eyes lay in the colour family of: black, silver, turquoise or brown. When deciding which colour is right for you, establish what type of skin tone you have. Is it more on the warm toned, or cool toned? Warm toned skin usually is more yellow or bronzed. For this, you will want to choose frames that are more bronze in colour, such as turquoise, honey coloured, or dark green. If you think you have cool toned skin, your skin tends to have a pink or blue tint to it. If you have this type of skin tone, we recommend you opt for a darker, more neutral shade for your frames. However, you are the deciding factor for the colour of your frames, and if you want bright colours, or patterns, we have them for you!

Our final tip for buying new eyeglasses is to get an eye exam. We don’t recommend to anyone to go out and buy new glasses without first having a proper eye exam. There is nothing worse than investing in a new pair of glasses and guessing your lense perscription, and getting it wrong.

At Dr. Brian Abrams Family Eye Care clinic, we are always accepting new clients. If you are new to eyeglasses, or new to our clinic, we will find the right prescription for you. If you are not new to eyeglasses, but are new to our clinic, bring in your current eyeglasses to see if your prescription has changed, so we can sort your lenses out! We also have our own optical boutique with frames that range from designers like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada, to every day affordable frames, so look no further than our own clinic for the glasses that will best suit you. If you have any questions, or would like to know more information regarding the Dr. Brian Abrams Family Eye Care clinic, visit our website, or call 905-850-2400.

Written by Brian Abrams

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