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Understanding the Important Role of an Optometrist

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Eye health is just as important as physical health, and your optometrist plays an important role in detecting, monitoring, and treating eyesight issues. If you’re currently looking around for an eye specialist/optometrist in Vaughan, Dr. Brian Abrams has been providing eye care services in and around Vaughan and since 1994.

A full range of professional eye care services

As a respected eye specialist/optometrist in Vaughan, Dr. Abrams offers eye care services for the entire family, including infants and children, as well as adults and seniors. The clinic makes use of the latest in eye-care technology and provides a full spectrum of services from contact lens fitting to laser vision correction to emergency eye care. Overall, the focus of the clinic is on prevention.

Eye exams

Because aging can affect the eyes and eyesight, it’s very important to have regular eye checkups. For Dr. Abrams, the goal of a comprehensive eye exam is to ensure early diagnosis. Whether its weakened vision or something serious, it’s critical to identify and detect symptoms early on.


The symptoms of glaucoma develop gradually, so early diagnosis is vital in order to arrest the negative effects as soon as possible. Dr. Abrams’ preventive approach allows patients to better understand the common risk factors, while engaging in appropriate testing that is defensive.


For older patients, having an eye specialist/optometrist in Vaughan can be valuable. When it comes to cataracts prevention is key – a healthy diet, protective sunglasses, and regular eye exams. As the most common type of eye ailment, it’s worth being proactive and preventive.


While contact lenses aren’t suitable for everyone, recent advances in fabrication make them more accessible. After a thorough eye exam, Dr. Abrams will determine patient suitability for contacts, explain the various options, and recommend the best approach based on lifestyle preferences.

Eye Disease

Depending on the eye disease or condition, Dr. Abrams can treat or prescribe treatment in many cases. He also has an established network of professional eye care specialists who can be relied upon for additional treatment. When surgery is required, Dr. Abrams can provide a referral.

Laser Surgery

With various technologies available for laser eye surgery, Dr. Abrams can provide a relevant eye exam and discuss the pros and cons of the various surgery options. When a patient is ready to proceed, Dr. Abrams can refer to a specific surgeon, while providing the necessary pre-op care.


With convenient clinic hours (including Saturdays), Dr. Abrams provides emergency eye care for injuries, accidents, or mishaps. Where possible, urgent care is administered. Here again, having an eye specialist/optometrist in Vaughan can be of great value, particularly with urgent care.


From a professional perspective, Dr. Abrams believes in a preventive approach to eye care. His focus is on educating patients (of all ages) to protect their eyes, and especially against the sun’s powerful UV rays. Prevention and early diagnosis is essential for maintaining good eye health.

Dr. Brian Abrams – eye specialist/optometrist in Vaughan

When it comes to eyes and eyesight, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. For Dr. Abrams, regular eye exams are indispensable – they ensure appropriate diagnosis and set the stage for appropriate treatment and follow up. For patients with diabetes, glaucoma, or ocular disorders, more frequent eye examinations and monitoring are highly recommended. To learn more about Dr. Abrams call 905.850.2400 or visit the clinic website.

Written by Brian Abrams

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