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Dr. Brian Abrams is a licensed Optometrist, offering a range of eye-care services for the entire family. The eye clinic in Vaughan and Woodbridge is a full service practice, offering everything from regular annual examinations to emergency eye care. With an emphasis on early detection, Dr. Abrams address many common vision problems, giving special attention to abnormal signs and symptoms.

Young or old, early detection is critical to proactive diagnosis and effective treatment. Indeed, with many eye-related diseases (macular degeneration and glaucoma) detecting early symptoms is key to a successful outcome. For patients in Vaughan and Woodbridge, Dr. Abrams provides a number of eye care services, along with a modern optical boutique with an extensive selection.

At Dr. Abrams’ eye clinic in Vaughan, new patients are welcome

For new patients and new appointments, the clinic can be reached directly at 905-850-2400. As well, online appointments can be arranged by filling out the appointment form with a preferred date and time. The clinic is located at the northwest corner of Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive.

4610 Hwy #7, Suite 110, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y7

Telephone:  905-850-2400


Monday – Friday        9AM – 5PM

Saturday                    9AM – 2PM

Saturday                    Closed

Comprehensive eye examinations

Regular eye exams are as important as a regular physical exam. Dr. Abrams does a thorough eye exam, assessing overall eye health, and making recommendations based on exam results.

Contact lens fittings/evaluations

While contact lenses may not be for everyone, recent developments and new materials provide a array of patient options. Dr. Abrams will assess and then determine a patient’s suitability.

Medical treatment of eye diseases

When an eye disorder is diagnosed, Dr. Abrams is able to directly treat many conditions. He has also established a close network of eye care professionals with additional specializations.

Advanced laser vision correction

Today, there are various technologies for laser vision correction. Dr. Abrams will determine if a patient is an optimal candidate, and will then discuss the pros and cons of the procedure.

With an eye clinic in Vaughan, professional eye care is at hand

Because not everyone has the same eye care needs, regular eye exams are recommended at every age. However, for those patients who suffer with diabetes, ocular issues, or glaucoma, it’s better to have more frequent eye exams.

Anyone experiencing unfamiliar symptoms would be wise to see an eye care professional as soon as possible. Immediate care and attention may be needed – and sometimes even emergency care. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The best approach to responsible eye care is to be personally proactive. And while it’s important to be careful day to day, it’s also important to be cognizant of any unusual signs and symptoms.

  • blurry vision or focusing problems
  • visual disturbances/floating objects
  • unusual and/or recurring headaches
  • eyestrain or eye fatigue or eye pain
  • gradual ongoing vision degradation
  • eye squinting in order to better focus

Emergency eye-care services at the local eye clinic in Vaughan

Accident or mishap, emergency eye care is often necessary, and without notice. Clearly, a sudden loss of vision is a sign that something is seriously wrong. This is where an early assessment and diagnosis is vital. All things considered, the best option with severe eye trauma is the ER.

Not everything might be an emergency, but an eye ailment that’s concerning should be addressed immediately – such things as sudden reduced vision; light flashes or floaters; unusual discharge; or extreme eye redness. Here again, early assessment offers the best chance for treatment.

Contact lenses are customized to suit a patient’s personal needs

Dr. Abrams’ eye clinic in Vaughan offers professional contact lens examinations and fittings. With contacts, it’s important to have everything customized to suit the eyes, the visual needs, and the patient’s individual lifestyle.

Contact lens exams are very important – the lenses must fit appropriately and the cornea (the surface of the eye) must be healthy. Dr. Abrams also counsels patients as to proper day-to-day maintenance and lens care.

Depending on the patient, contact lenses are available in a number of different compositions:

  • daily wear lenses
  • lenses for dry eyes
  • coloured contacts
  • multifocal lenses
  • specialty contacts

Visit Dr. Abrams eye care clinic in Vaughan and Woodbridge today for a range of eye care services to fit your needs.

Written by Brian Abrams

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