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What Is the Process of Getting Prescription Glasses?

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A regularly scheduled eye exam with an experienced optometrist like Dr. Brian Abrams is an important step in maintaining healthy vision for people of all ages. Eye exams at an optometrist office allows for a comprehensive check on both your vision acuity and the actual anatomy of your eye. When conducted by an experienced eye doctor, these assessments further help to get the right prescription for glasses or sunglasses. With eye exams in Vaughan through your optometrist, you can meet your vision needs and take proper care of your eyes.

There are a variety of reasons why you might schedule an eye exam with an optometrist in Vaughan, such as Dr. Brian Abrams. One of the top reasons eye exams are booked at a local eye doctor is to update prescriptions for glasses and lenses. If you’re concerned about your visual acuity or that of a family member, book an eye exam with Dr. Brian Abrams, a trusted eye doctor in Vaughan. 

Why You Need Prescription Lenses

Prescription glasses or sunglasses feature lenses tailored to your unique vision needs to compensate for vision problems like myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. While over-the-counter reading glasses can sometimes provide a quick solution, they don’t offer the same benefits of glasses using the prescription given to you by a qualified optometrist in Woodbridge. 

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Here’s what you should know about the process for getting new prescription glasses. At our office we streamline the process with a selection of modern and stylish frames in-house for you to choose from. 

Eye Examination

Setting up an appointment for an eye test at an optometrist in Vaughan is the first step toward getting prescription glasses or sunglasses. During the eye exam, Dr. Brian Abrams will perform a series of different tests to check on your vision and general eye health. These thorough eye exams may include assessing your visual acuity, determining your prescription strength, and checking your eye health. In addition, Dr. Brian Abrams will explore the need for prescription sunglasses, based on your lifestyle and visual health needs.

Frame Selection

After your prescription has been determined, the next part of the process is the selection of frames for your prescription glasses or sunglasses. Factors to consider in frame style selection include face shape, personal taste, and comfort. With the help of an optometrist in Vaughan, such as Dr. Brian Abrams, a large selection of frame styles will be available to you, so you can identify what best suits your styling needs for perfect prescription eyewear.

Prescription Lens Fitting

With a frame in mind, the optometrist will help you choose appropriate lens options for your needs in prescription eyewear or prescription sunglasses. The material the lens is made of, the coatings, and the tints for protection against harmful UV rays are all factors to be considered. Dr. Brian Abrams can provide invaluable advice on choosing the best lenses for your everyday use so that vision correction and eye protection are maximized.

Final Fitting and Adjustments

Wearing your prescription glasses or sunglasses should not be uncomfortable with a proper fit and adjustment. Dr. Brian Abrams is an expert optometrist who always ensures the secure and comfortable fitting of your eyewear. Additionally, Dr. Brian Abrams will guide you on maintaining and caring for your eyewear so you can get the most out of your prescription eye glasses.

Expert Eye Care Services in Vaughan with Dr. Brian Abrams

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Brian Abrams for your next eye exam and to explore the latest options for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.

If you are concerned about your current frames or lenses, talk to our team.

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Written by Brian Abrams

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