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When Are Severe Headaches the Sign of an Eye Emergency?

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Headaches are a common affliction that affects virtually everyone. Sometimes the cause of a headache can be as simple as dehydration, sleep deprivation, or stress. But in other cases, a persistent headache or migraine is the sign of something more serious. Because headaches can occur with such frequency, it may be tempting to sleep it off or ignore the pain or tension, rather than seeking emergency eye care. If you’re concerned about a headache or migraine, you may need to see an eye doctor in Woodbridge. Dr. Brian Abrams and the leading team of optometrists in Woodbridge offer emergency services to help you understand the cause of your headaches related to your eye health. 

Read on to learn when headaches require emergency eye care and the signs you should reach out to a trusted optometrist near you. 

Signs of a Serious Eye Problem & Headaches

To differentiate a typical headache from one that requires emergency attention from an eye doctor near Woodbridge, you need to pay attention to the signs that occur alongside headaches.

emergency eye care doctor Woodbridge
  • Frequent Headaches: Even if they vary in severity, recurring headaches are often rooted in vision challenges that are best addressed by an eye doctor near you.
  • Floaters: Visual auras that occur when you close your eyes are often a normal occurrence, but when they become a common problem and are paired with headaches, you should talk to your eye doctor. 
  • Visual Disturbances: Double vision, blurred vision, or vision loss should always be assessed by an experienced professional. 
  • Changes in Pupil Size: Your pupils are directly impacted by neurological conditions so changes in the pupil size or imbalance between two pupils can be the sign of something more serious. 
  • Discomfort, Pain, or Inflammation: Eye movement should come natural, if there is stiffness or difficulty moving your eyes, your eye doctor can provide better insight to the cause of your pain. 

If there is any uncertainty about the severity of a headache, it’s best to visit your optometrist as a precautionary measure for an eye exam and consultation with Dr. Brian Abrams and the team. 

Ocular Conditions Linked to Headaches

When a headache causes you any number of additional symptoms, from trouble seeing to nausea and dizziness, it’s important to seek emergency eye care to understand the root cause of the symptom. Common eye conditions that cause headaches include some of the following:

Glaucoma: A chronic condition that can develop slowly, glaucoma causes pressure in the eye that can cause blurred vision, serious eye pain, and in some cases intense nausea. By visiting trusted Woodbridge eye doctor, Dr. Brian Abrams, you can start treating glaucoma earlier for a more comfortable experience. 

Detached Retina: Based on your genetics or your current eye health, a detached retina can occur which will cause intense headaches, pain, floaters, and visual auras like flashing. A detached retina is an emergency, if you are experiencing the signs, contact your eye doctor immediately. 

Tumour or Mass: While being extremely rare, a painful headache around the eye can be the result of a mass growing around the retina and putting pressure on the optic nerve. It’s best not to assume the worst, but to contact your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. This will rule out any risk of a tumour and treat any issues early. 

Physical Injuries: Most headaches that demand emergency eye care are related to physical injuries, like foreign objects in the eye or concussions. If there is bleeding, visible damage to your eye, or you’ve recently hit your head, don’t wait for the pain to subside, talk to a skilled optometrist for urgent care. 

Visit Dr. Brian Abrams: Emergency Eye Doctor

Dr. Brian Abrams and our entire optometry team is experienced with a range of emergency eye needs. We will guide you through all your eye needs to generate the best results possible. For all your eye care needs, talk to our team and book a preliminary consultation. 

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Written by Brian Abrams

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