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When to Go to the ER for an Eye Care Emergency

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Eye-related issues can be frightening and stressful, so when an emergency occurs, it’s essential that you get quick, thorough care. With a trusted optometrist in Vaughan like Dr. Brian Abrams, you can get highly effective emergency eye care services. For more insight into common eye emergencies, read on and learn when to visit the emergency room, what to expect, and how to protect your eyes.

Read on to learn more about when you should go to the ER for emergency eye care.

Common Eye Emergencies

There are a number of common eye emergencies where it is essential to have medical attention immediately, such as:

  • Chemical burns: Irritation from toxic chemicals may lead to severe inflammation in the patient’s eyes.
  • Trauma: Injuries from sports activities, unfortunate incidents, or dropping from heights can all negatively affect the way your eyes work. Trauma can cause bleeding, swelling, and disruptions to your eyes.
  • Foreign objects: Foreign particles, like sand, gravel, or broken glass, can slip between the lens and the cornea, scar the lens, and reduce/limit vision.
  • Retinal detachment: Seeing an increased number of eye floaters after a quick move of the head, flashes in one or both eyes, or vision loss are the signs of retinal tear/detachment.
  • Corneal abrasion: Scrapes on the cornea lead to severe pain, redness, and sensitivity to light.

If you’re experiencing extreme pain or signs of an emergency, contact an optometrist in Woodbridge who is experienced with emergency eye care. Dr. Brian Abrams and our team provide thorough eye exams and urgent care for all your eye health needs. 

When to Go to the ER for Your Eye Care

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms listed below, it’s important that you look for immediate emergency eye care:

  • Severe pain and discomfort
  • Sudden vision loss or changes in the eyes
  • Bleeding or discharge from the eyes
  • Pus or mucus around the eyes
  • Double vision or halos around lights

On the other hand, not every instance of an eye emergency requires immediate medical attention. For example, when you experience mild symptoms, like redness, dryness, or irritation, you can book an eye exam in Vaughan with a reputable and trusted optometrist such as Dr. Brian Abrams.

If your eye emergency occurs after regular office hours, don’t wait to see your eye doctor. Instead, prioritize your eye health by visiting an emergency room for urgent care. Prompt eye care protects your visual acuity and long-term health. 

Prevention and Precautionary Measures

The best way to prevent emergency situations and eye injuries is to protect your eyes with appropriate safety measures when near hazards. When interacting with chemicals or flying debris, it’s imperative that you always wear safety glasses. 

  • Try to keep sharp objects away from your eyes. Additionally, be aware that rubbing your eyes could result in consequences, so avoid this behavior.
  • Frequent hand washing is the first step in the prevention of any sort of infection.
  • Avoid overexposure to UV rays by wearing sunglasses or a hat so that your eyes are completely protected from the harmful effects of the sun on your eyes.

Regular visits to your eye doctor in Woodbridge, either annually or every two years, will help detect potential issues sooner, allowing you to get prompt treatment from a reputable eye doctor in Vaughan like Dr. Brian Abrams.

Emergency Eye Care With Dr. Brian Abrams in Vaughan

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping your eyes functioning without any issues is preventive eye care that can prevent vision loss and other problems. If you are experiencing an eye care emergency, seek immediate medical attention from Dr. Abrams, an optometrist in Vaughan. If you feel your eye health is worsening before you can schedule an appointment, visit the ER as soon as possible.

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Written by Brian Abrams

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