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When Do You Need an Eye Doctor for Conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as pink eye, is a prevalent eye ailment that can bring about discomfort and irritation. While some instances may resolve independently, others may necessitate the intervention of your eye doctor in Woodbridge. Discerning the appropriate time to seek professional assistance is crucial for effective and timely treatment. If you’re concerned about recurring conjunctivitis, or persistent eye irritation, book a visit with Dr. Brian Abrams for thorough eye exams from a leading optometrist. 

Explore the signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis, shedding light on when to consult your eye doctor or when emergency eye care becomes imperative.

Prolonged Symptoms and Severe Discomfort

Should you or a close associate encounter prolonged symptoms like redness, itching, burning, or excessive tearing related to conjunctivitis, it becomes imperative to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Although milder cases might improve with over-the-counter remedies, intense or persistent symptoms may signify an underlying issue. A comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Brian Abrams can discern the root cause of the symptoms and recommend suitable treatments, potentially including prescription eye drops or other medications.

Changes in Vision

While conjunctivitis typically doesn’t induce significant vision changes, any sudden shifts warrant professional attention. Conditions such as keratitis or uveitis may initially manifest with symptoms akin to conjunctivitis but have the potential to lead to vision impairment if neglected. A thorough examination by an expert eye doctor in Woodbridge, such as Dr. Brian Abrams, will give precise assessments of the cornea and internal eye structures, which aids in pinpointing potential issues affecting vision.

Presence of Coloured Discharge

While clear or white discharge is common in viral or allergic conjunctivitis, the emergence of green or yellow discharge may indicate a bacterial infection. Bacterial conjunctivitis often requires antibiotic treatment, requiring a prescription from an eye doctor following a precise diagnosis. Attempts at self-diagnosis and treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis with over-the-counter solutions may prove ineffective and risk prolonged discomfort or infection spread. If there is any unusual discharge from the eyes, it is crucial to promptly consult an eye doctor in Woodbridge for an accurate diagnosis and targeted emergency eye care.

Conjunctivitis in Infants or Young Children

Immediate attention from an eye doctor and a kid’s eye exam is imperative when conjunctivitis affects newborns or young children. Newborns can contract conjunctivitis during childbirth, particularly if exposed to infectious bacteria. Pediatric eye doctors possess the expertise to evaluate and treat eye conditions in children, ensuring optimal outcomes for their vision and eye health. Eye exams can also reveal other more severe conditions, such as certain cancers, which are preventable when detected early. Timely intervention is essential to prevent complications and protect the visual development of young eyes.

General & Emergency Eye Care 

While mild cases of conjunctivitis might resolve with home care, enduring or severe symptoms, changes in vision, peculiar discharge, and instances involving infants or young children signal the need for the expertise of a trained professional. Seeking guidance enables precise diagnosis and suitable treatment, encouraging swift recovery and diminishing the likelihood of complications. If uncertainty surrounds your symptoms or their severity, do not hesitate to consult Dr. Brian Abrams for personalized care.

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Written by Brian Abrams

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